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Savor the Sweet Moments of Your Life and Enjoy the Delightful Essence of Your Inner Light with Energetic Healings by Sandy Smith.

Sandy’s Healing Sessions Remove Obstacles and Activate Your Life Energy! Using vibrational healing tools, Sandy will guide you on a profound inner journey to heal and dissolve blocks that inhibit the flow of your life energy. Sandy works at the spiritual, physical and emotional level that her clients are comfortable with. She is in tune with what her clients’ needs are and holds a sacred and safe space for them.

Energetic Spiritual healings can bring peace and clarity when one is in a chaotic state of being, bringing you into physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual alignment. As your energy starts to flow, obstacles such as health, relationships, money, and other issues will begin to clear and lift, and your inner awareness will shift and expand.

Savor the sweet moments of peace and well-being

  • Energetic Spiritual healings bring peace and clarity when experiencing feelings of depression, loss and fear
  • Releases anger and resentment
  • Brings you into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment
  • Removes and heals energetic blockages that can prevent you from achieving goals and moving forward in life
  • Brings physical healing for illness or disease
  • Helps to facilitate physical and emotional healing before or after surgery
  • Helps bring peace and relaxation during pregnancy
  • Brings mental clarity when one has fogginess or cloudiness
  • Brings physical strength, peace and opens the channels for optimism when one is discouraged and defeated
  • Brings one closer to their own Spiritual Truth and opening to clearer communication with divine spirit
  • Removes negative attachments
  • Removes blockages that trigger alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and smoking
  • Helps get over phobias
  • Works well with children with behavior issues and learning disabilities
  • Assists one to have peace and alleviate pain at the time of their transition or while in hospice


I just wanted to thank you for the healing you have done for me. It made such a big difference in my life, I don’t procrastinate anymore, and I think it’s because of the entity you removed from me that had been with me since my early childhood. Since the healing, I’ve been able to get things done that are important for me to move forward in my life; such as, finishing school!
Jess – Van Nuys, CA

After my husband passed, I went to see Sandy. I was able to find Solace and Peace with her.
Donna – Malibu, CA

I came to Sandy because I was having severe nightmares from the time of my childhood. After one session, the nightmares were mostly gone, by the end of my second session they were completely GONE!
Lucas – Monrovia, CA

I am a recovering addicts of 37 years of hard-core drug abuse, Sandy has performed healings on me, which assisted me in clearing things which were holding me back.
Dianne – Los Angeles, CA

45 Minute Healing
Relax your mind and body and receive physical healing with Sandy’s Energetic Spiritual Healing. This stress-reducing session lasts 45 minutes, allowing you to find comfort and peace. Purchase 3 and receive the 4th session complimentary.

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