Always operating from love, Sandy’s goal as an animal and pet healer is to bring animals into alignment with the true expression of their divine self. She works on multiple levels; including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, by channeling sources of energy. Sandy works with the assistance of her guides; angels and divine beings, as well as channeling the energy of her clients.

By working with spirits who guide her in each of the animal and pet healings she performs, Sandy works on removing any energy that is negative and stuck. Negative and stagnant energy affects animals on spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels, causing disease, distress, and/or discomfort. Sandy’s healing work is extremely important in the removal of negative influences that get in the way of an animal experiencing perfect health, harmony, and joy in their life.

Sandy tailors each healing session to the specific needs of the animals and pets. Since trauma, fear and disease affect animals on a deep cellular level, Sandy works on the removal of this trapped energy so that the animal or pet is in perfect harmony with their natural energy flow. This will strengthen the spirit as well as the body, and help bring peace to the mind and healing to the emotions. Sandy works on clearing the animals chakras to open up their natural flow of energy. For example, should a client find their animal to be insensitive, Sandy brings healing to their heart Chakra to release compassion and love for their self and for others. Perhaps an animal or pet has experienced trauma or deep hurt. Sandy will shift their blocked energy, open their energy flow, and realign them to help them move forward in their life.

Sandy also works with each animal or pet, teaches the client techniques to empower them and to continue the healing process, or learn how to deal with difficult situations or challenges as they arise.

Another part of Sandy’s healing work involves removing spirit attachments from animals or pets and/or their environments. This is vital in the areas of addictions, where Sandy uses healing to help animals or pets to overcome their negative desires and negative emotions.

Sandy provides cleansing to homes and businesses where spirits are interfering with an animal or pet’s ability to live or work in their surroundings. Sandy provides a spiritual sweeping to remove all dirty energy and/or negative spirits from the location, shifting the energy to bring in peace.

As she does for people, Sandy is a compassionate healer for animals. She works with Divine Spirit Guides to bring healing to her clients’ animal companions. Sandy lovingly communicates with each pet to develop a safe and trusting relationship with the animal. Once she establishes a bond, Sandy provides physical, behavioral, and/or emotional healing work. This is especially vital when an animal is sick, recuperating from surgery, or has been in some kind of traumatic experience. For those pets that are facing their life’s end, Sandy works to bring comfort and healing when they are making the transition into the next world so that they are peacefully able to make that shift.

Because of her exceptional talents and abilities, along with her compassionate and loving nature, Sandy is able to remove a wide range of ailments from people and animals, and replace that negativity with Divine Love, Faith and Trust. Sandy’s healing work opens her clients, great and small, to God’s Divine Beauty in themselves so that they can live life in Peace and Joy.

“As a Healer, Sandy Smith is highly effective at Pain Management. My very first visit
with Sandy, eliminated my need for prescription pain medication for my
debilitating back aches.” Sue – Irvine, CA.

“After my husband passed, I went to see Sandy. I was able to find Solace
and Peace with her. Knowing that my husband is okay and that I will be
okay, too, was a tremendous relief. I’m so thankful I had a reading with Sandy.” Donna – Malibu, CA.

Candle Healing Workshop

The power of candles has been used for centuries to invoke blessings,
to bring healing, and to bring light (illumination).

Learn how you can use candles in your life to bring about these wonderful gifts, to manifest your desires, to bring healing to others or to bring healing to the Universe.

In this class, you will learn:

Properties associated with candle colors
How to prepare candles for healing work
Using prayers and setting intentions

Candle Healing is a wonderful form of continuous prayer.
You’re manifesting divine help that will shift the energy and bring about positive action in your life. Through the power of intentions, you can manifest your heart’s desires, have a deeper connection with God, be more empowered and bring peace into your life.

The fee for this class, including all candles and blessed oil for performing a candle healing,
is $100. RSVP quickly as the class size is very limited.

Prayer Request

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