I provide many different readings for:

• Individuals and Couples
• Animals
• Criminal Investigations

I also provide healing services for people and pets.

At-Office Readings and Healing services for Individuals, Couples, and Businesses, take place at the office of Dr. Bijan Daneshgar in Sherman Oaks, in addition to, the Phoenix Wellness Center in Pasadena. But I also offer Readings over the phone.

For those who have specific questions, I provide a special At-Office Question & Answer Reading.

Animal Readings, are not given in the office. I travel to where the animal is and charge a travel fee in addition to the cost of a regular Animal Reading.

Channeling services are also available and are given at the office.

Healing sessions are priced at a flat fee and are done at the office, unless I am giving a healing to a pet. I do not give Animal Healings at the office. I travel to where the pet is and charge a travel fee in addition to the cost of a regular Animal Healing session.

Fees for Criminal Investigative Services are charged at a flat rate plus additional fees that are priced on a case-by-case basis. Criminal work is usually done outside the office and in the field. I begin my work by first providing a reading of the family involved in the case. I then have personal contact with loved ones, survivors, investigators, lawyers and detectives. I prefer to work with physical evidence, photos and to visit locations. I then communicate with the victim, or, other spirits or guides, that can give me information about the victim and the crime.

Regardless of the type of service you require, all sessions are billed with payment due, at the time of the service. Payment is acceptable by either cash, Visa, MasterCard, Money Order or check.

Please look below for the kind of service that best suits you and your situation:

As of January 2024


Individual Reading $0.00 / 60 Minutes
Individual Reading $0.00 / 30 Minutes
Individual Reading $0.00 / 15 Minutes
Couple’s Reading $0.00 / 60 Minutes
Business Reading $0.00 / 60 Minutes
Manifestation Healing Meditation $0.00 (MP3 provided)
Energetic Healing Sessions $00.00 / 60 Minutes
Candle Healing Therapy $0.00 – $00.00 Per Session
*Shipping fee not included
Spiritual Cleansing, Businesses or Home, fees determined by location distance, activity at premises and square footage of home, structure or property
Criminal Investigation Work $0.00 per 60 Minutes
(other fees may apply)
Missing Person Information $0.00 per 60 Minutes
(other fees may apply)
Monthly Retainer $00 – $00 (price based on estimated time needed) Payment processed 1st of the month.
Visa or MasterCard required.
* MP3 recordings are provided to clients for In-office and location sessions only.

Pet Reading $0 / 60 Minutes (Travel fees may apply)
Pet Healing $0 / 60 Minutes (Travel fees may apply)

Gift Certificates available, please email me

Cash Visa MasterCard Money Order Check
At no additional charge, I provide my clients with a tape of their reading so that they can refer to their session with me at any time.


Clients may request that their session not be recorded. For those clients who do not wish to have their session recorded, please advise me at the beginning of our appointment.

How to schedule and appointment and payment options:
You can call or email Sandy to set an appointment or inquirer about her services. You will be required to provide a credit card, Visa or MasterCard to hold your scheduled appointment. This information needs to be provided at the time the appointment is made.

If the session is a telephone or remote healing session, the payment is processed at the time the appointment is scheduled. Office sessions and location sessions may be paid by cash, check, or credit card.
Group sessions require a 50% deposit paid at the time the appointment is scheduled. The remainder is paid the day of the event. 48-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel the event, or deposit is forfeited.

Missed Appointments, Rescheduling or Cancellation Policy:
24 hours notice in advance is required to change or cancel appointment. Notification must be done by telephone.

If 24-hour prior notice is not received to reschedule or cancel an appointment, the full amount of the session will be charged. This includes Gift Certificate appointments as well.

Please note: All session fees are based on In-office, Telephone or Remote Sessions. Travel time is an additional Fee, based on distance to the location.

Other fees may apply and be charged accordingly. Gift Certificates will not be replaced if lost or stolen. The recipient of the Gift Certificate must provide the certificate at the time of the appointment.

Returned Checks:
Any check which is not honored because of lack of funds or credit to pay, or because of not having an account with the drawee, may be liable to the holder for the amount of the check and damages for three times the face amount of the check, or $100.00, whichever is greater.

Gift Certificates available, please email me

Forms of payment:
Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Check, PayPal TO MAKE A PAYMENT CLICK HERE

You can contact Sandy at 562 708-7345 or email

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